Studying in The Bahamas

Providing students with an opportunity to experience different cultures while travelling to multiple islands is a unique aspect of the BEATS programme. To make studying in The Bahamas a seamless transition, students get exclusive access to University of The Bahamas counsellors, tech support, UB library databases, and mentoring opportunities for one academic year (fall, spring, and summer).

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


The University of The Bahamas utilises Ellucian Banner, used at colleges and universities in 50 countries around the world, allowing easy and wide access to data.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas

Academics & Student Success

Known for academic programmes that prepare graduates to become dynamic global citizens, UB will serve as a resource for visiting students, helping guide their orientation and transition into the UB community.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas

UB Libraries

Study remote students can use The Harry C. More Library and Information Centre at the Oakes Field Campus. In accordance with World Health Organisation standards, UB has implemented limited physical access with strict health protocols.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


We know providing you access to highly trained counsellors, readily accessible to students virtually, online, and by phone is key to maintaining academic progress so you don’t fall behind.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


Request a mentor in areas ranging from professional coaching to leadership training.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


UB provides visiting students with peers to help fulfil the community service requirements of respective institutions. You also have the option of volunteering at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, the Bahamas National Trust, and other environmental advocacy organisations.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


The Bahamian Cultural Experience Course is a fun way to learn about the people and culture of The Bahamas. Highlights include distinctiveness of our arts, The Bahamas’ place in the Caribbean, and history tours.

Packaged modules focus on:

  • Bahamian History
  • Bahamian Arts and Culture
  • Orientation to The Bahamas & the Caribbean
  • Tours of National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas


Take guided tours or venture out on your own through mangrove creeks, shallow lakes, and along pristine shorelines. There’s an abundance of opportunities to get up close with The Bahamas’ unique environment.

This option is to be paid for separately and we have partnered with a private company to provide this experience.

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Top Reasons To Study In The Bahamas

Culinary Arts

UB culinary arts faculty and students are excited to take visiting students on a culinary exploration of Bahamian cuisine. Students will be taught how to prepare tasty native dishes and learn about island cuisine and culture.

The Bahamas Where to Stay

Pick an island, any island, and make it home for up to a year. We've comprised a list of resorts and hotels with modern amenities and reliable WiFi to keep you connected to the world. You choose when to play and when to study with unbeatable deals to The Bahamas.

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