Moving to The Bahamas

If you're working from home, all you need is a dependable internet connection. In that case, why not spice things up and work from The Bahamas? Choose the metropolitan vibe of Nassau and Paradise Island or a more laidback scene in The Exumas and Cat Island. Whichever you prefer, we have an island to suit your fancy. The Islands of The Bahamas ranks atop the list of education, economy, and healthcare standards in the region. 

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

Island Residence

A typical visit to The Bahamas requires visitors to show proof of anticipated departure. With BEATS, visitors can live and travel throughout our island for up to a year.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

Beautiful Destination

With 16 destinations spread across 100,000 square miles of the world's clearest water, the natural beauty  of our islands remains untouched.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

Island hopping

Every island and its people have their own stories and traditions. Meaning, you can call Eleuthera and Harbour Island home, then hop over to Cat Island or Long Island and experience their version of island life for a day.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas


The Bahamas offers nonstop action above and below the surface. From catching big swells at Surfer's Beach, Eleuthera to diving the world's 2nd deepest blue hole on Long Island, there's more than enough excitement to quench your thirst for adventure.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

People to People

If you want to know the destination, get to know the people. The People to People experience pairs you with local volunteers who teach you about island culture, take you on food tours of authentic Bahamian cuisine, and more.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

Reliable WiFi

The Bahamas boasts one of the Caribbean's more developed infrastructures, meaning you'll always have essential and dependable services like fast WiFi.

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Top Reasons to Come Work in The Bahamas

Island Life

Claim your secluded spot on a white-sand beach and soak up the sun. Island life is all about good vibes, good food, good company, and no stress.

The Bahamas Where to Stay

One beautiful thing about living in The Bahamas? We offer deals to a variety of beachfront accommodations on every island. From all-inclusive resorts and hotels to more modest arrangements, there's a beach view to suit every budget.

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